The Gerber Atria GT Cutter is equipped with more sensors and production capabilities, make it Gerber’s smartest machine ever. The easy-to-use cutting solution is programmed with advanced algorithms that ensure you’re cutting with the precision and speed you need to deliver products to the market on-time and on-budget.


You don’t have time to waste on rejected parts, so why not get it right the first time? The Gerber Atria GT Cutter provides an advanced cutting experience with smooth motions and a redesigned head that improves cut quality and makes maintenance easy. The cutter’s advanced technology and efficient vacuum help to reduce finger jams and other errors in cutting, ensuring that you get a quality cut part every time.


With strict deadlines, you need a fast and efficient process. Gerber’s powerful cutting solution allows users to dial between smooth motion and high acceleration, improving throughput by over 15%.


Cost is at the top of every manufacturer’s mind and with the Atria you can effectively cut unnecessary costs through an automated workflow that reduces costly errors and eliminates the need for human intervention.


The Gerber Atria GT Cutter can cut a variety of different materials including foam, textile, leather, and vinyl, making it the perfect solution for those who take on a variety of jobs.

The AccuMark Platform features the latest in 2D and 3D CAD, Made-to-Measure, and nesting software, making it the only fully-integrated solution that can turn a 2D flat pattern into a production-ready 3D virtual sample, bringing your ideas to life in a matter of hours and days. Seamless integration between 2D, 3D and planning software, like YuniquePLM® and AccuPlanTM, allows you to deliver your products to market faster than ever before.


The latest version of AccuMark is packed with several new features that can quickly turn your ideas into production-ready garments.

  • Visualize your entire collection, in multiple colorways and fabric options, on one model before ever having to make a physical sample.
  • Validate and edit image placement directly in the 3D workspace.
  • Improve fabric consumption with sophisticated spread and cut plans.
  • Oversee workload with powerful production reporting.

Engineered For Heavy And/Or Large-Diameter Material Rolls

  • The GERBERspreader 250s spreads material rolls weighing up to 250 kg (550 lb.).
  • A large cradle option is available to accommodate rolls up to 120 cm in diameter.

Spreads Material Without Tension

  • Intelligent cradle feed system delivers tension-free spreading for the entire lay.

Maximizes Material Utilization

  • The system is equipped with adjustable infrared photo cells to ensure accurate selvage edge alignment.
  • Precision end alignment technology eliminates end loss.

Fast And Safe

  • Spreads material at speeds up to 100 meters per minute.
  • To uphold worker safety, the spreader’s cradle feed system is equipped with an electric cradle tilt that enables fast and easy loading/unloading and threading/ rewinding of material rolls.
  • An optional loading system lifts heavy fabric rolls from the floor to the spreader cradle and vice versa making it easy and safe to load and unload rolls.
  • Sensors located on both sides of the GERBERspreader immediately halt the system when an obstacle is in its path.
  • The system complies with CE safety standards.


  • The system is available in widths of 160 cm (63 in.), 180 cm (71 in.), 200 cm (79 in.) and 220 cm (87 in.).
  • Available for left or right-hand operation.
  • Fixed or movable end catchers available.
  • Optional accessories are offered for spreading reverse-wound or flat folded material and for spreading material face-to-face.

Built-In Intelligence

  • To accelerate operator training and minimize set up time, the system is operated using a touch screen panel that guides the user to input marker lengths and overlap/splice points.
  • A multi-function throttle enables the operator to control threading/rewinding/cutting of material and the start/stop of spreading with one hand.
  • The system stores up to 10 custom fabric settings and can step spread up to 50 markers (sections) and 50 colors.
  • A variable speed, two-way cutting device intelligently lifts automatically to accommodate thicker spreads.

Provides Business-Critical Data

  • The system compiles data on amount of material used in a roll and amount lost to defects or flaws.

Backed By A Global Support Network

  • Gerber service protects your investment by ensuring that your Gerber systems are running at peak performance levels. We accomplish this through a global network of highly-skilled technical support staff and by providing the most comprehensive service offerings, highest-quality consumables and aftermarket products available

Supported Spreading Modes

  • One way face up.
  • Face to face with end catchers (optional zigzag accessory needed).

Single Source For Cutting Room Automation

  • The GERBERspreader 250s is designed to integrate seamlessly with Gerber’s I model static (air flotation) and C model conveyor spreading tables, which, when combined with Gerber’s industry-leading cutting systems, delivers a total cutting room solution.

Increase Throughput.

  • Increase throughput flexibility with 2 or print heads. Engineered to optimize print head speed and paper advance to ensure maximum output.
  • With TechnoInk cartridges, ink levels are monitored enabling the plotter to automatically adjust for an empty cartridge and continue plotting uninterrupted.
  • Engineered to handle various media weights and media quality without sacrificing speed.

Customize Your Plotter to Your Needs.

  • Optimize plotting to your specific needs, saving ink and improving accuracy. Select the right line density and thickness needed for your specific application.
  • Choose from a number of add-on options for increased production.

Improve Connectivity Within Your Workflow.

  • Stay connected with easy to configure ethernet LAN, USB 2.0 or 3.0.
  • Quickly and seamlessly pass data from AccuMark CAD software to the plotter. Prioritize and manage plot queue with AccuMark Queue Manager and/or WinPlot.
  • Print QR codes for effective communication of job details in the cut room.

Increase Uptime with Simple Preventative Maintenance Procedures.

  • Keep your plotter running at optimum performance with pre-alert notifications, support documents and videos, as well as user-friendly preventative maintenance kits.

Increase Uptime with Simple Preventative Maintenance Procedures.

  • Simple step-by-step calibration instructions printed directly on the marker’s paper.
  • User-friendly interface on LCD display available in multiple languages.
  • Easily install drivers and requirements with an “install all” function.

Ink Options that Give You Control.

  • Choose from HP45A inkjet cartridges and exclusive UltraInk and FlowClean ink, which are both compatible with TechnoInk, Gerber Technology’s RFID-compatible cartridges.
  • BlueView ink offers vibrant and dense plots on paper colors that black ink does not show as well. BlueView ink is ideal for printing on brown kraft paper.