Brother offers products & services that meet the needs of customers all over the world through our global network. We are driving a new era of sewing technology since 1908 (Nagoya, Japan). Our Global Network covers most parts of the entire world. We have eight facilities in the Asian continent, three facilities in the American continents & two sales and service facilities in the European regions.


SINCE 1908



S-7300A – Single needle direct drive lock stitcher with electronic feeding system & thread trimmer

The world’s first lock stitch sewing machine which adopts the Electronic Feed Control directly connected with a stepping motor.
Next-generation lock stitch machine, which establishes the new standard, has been born.

-High quality sewing
-Reduction of disposition of thread ends
-Equipped the color LCD touch panel for intuitive operation
-Offers a new value with Design Stitch
-Enhances the operability with new Hand Switch

T-8452D – Twin needle direct drive split needle bar lock stitcher with thread trimmer

Equipped with the Color LCD touch panel, the functionality becomes easier to use.
The needle breakage prevention function which prevents the needle breakage when reverse stitching is carried out with the quick back switch.
This contributes to the improvement of the operator’s work efficiency.
– User- intuitive Color LCD Display Touch Panel
– Productivity improvement with loT capabilities
– Straight type thread trimmer is newly launched

KE-430HX + BE-438HX


Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tacker (Short Remaining Thread Spec.)


Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Sewer (Short Remaining Thread Spec.)

With the world’s top-class sewing speed and prevention of thread breakage with a Needle Cooler, the machine has increased productivity.
It also has superior sewing quality, usability, and reduces maintenance cost.
– Productivity Improvement by World’s Fastest Sewing Speed and lot
– Beautiful and Highly-reproducible Sewing Quality
– Superior Usability as Everyone can Use Easily and Reliably

RH-982A – Electronic Eyelet Button Holer

Electronic Eyelet Button Holer
With wide sewing range and durable design, the proven and reliable Brother eyelet button holer has become easier to use. Easily adjusting. This new design further improves the longstanding reliability and excellent performance of the Brother eyelet button holer.
It can be used for various items from casual items to formal items.
– Reduce Adjustment Time
– Beautiful and High Quality Sewing
– User-Intuitive Color LCD with Touch Panel
– Sewing Capability for A Wide Range Materials

BAS-360H Series – Bridge Type Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer for large sewing fields in motor car, shoe & other related industries.

BAS-311HN – Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed

The machines provide the highest quality sewing exactly the way it is programmed even at high speed sewing with maximum performance according to each sewing area.
With the high functional LCD touch panel that offers easy programming, the preparation time can be reduced.

DA-927A – Two Needle / Three Needle Feed Off the Arm Double Chain Stitcher

–  Sew attractive balloon stitches onto thin materials, without puckering.
–  A tractor-type presser foot can be used to easily ride over thick sections.