About Us


To help the entire textile industry of Pakistan grow and prosper through automation and value addition.


To provide accurate information, proper guidance, quality machines, prompt and satisfactory service to our customers.

About Us

Abbas Apparel Machinery Co. started operations in July 1986 in Karachi and followed a corporate strategy to promote hi-tech equipment and machinery in the Pakistan apparel industry.

Our motto is that machinery, equipment, and systems supplied by us must always be operational.

Since 1986, continuing our strategy of automation in the apparel industry, we have introduced computer controlled sewing machines, washing and dyeing machines, dryers, overhead production systems and other machinery.

Our first step in introducing new technology is to inform customers the benefits and return on investment of automation. We have trained our engineers and technicians overseas to ensure total support to our customers. We train the operators and maintenance personnel of our customers to ensure proper functioning of high technology equipment and systems provided by us to them.

We hope our website will give you an insight into how you can promote your business, save costs, improve your control on quality and production, and reduce your turnaround time in sampling and buyers’ approvals.