Abbas Apparel Machinery Company

For advanced technology and highest quality in Machinery and Systems for Textiles, Bedwear, Laces, Ribbons, Garments, Hoisery/Knitwear, Socks, Leather Garments, Shoes, Gloves, and other items.


Abbas Apparel Machinery Co. specializes in machinery and plant, from spinning to stitching and finishing, for textiles, home textiles and garments (jeans, trousers, shirts, dress suits, ladies wear) knitwear (polo shirts, T-shirts, tops and bottoms), leather garments and leather products, shoes, socks, lingerie, gloves, home textiles, screen printing, crochet machines,needle looms, buildings of steel structures, electrical consultancy & installations, and a wide range of textile machinery, including attachments for spinning machines, and machines for dyeing and printing.

The revaluation of the Chinese and Indian currencies, and the reduction of export rebates in China present a tremendous opportunity to Pakistani exporters to expand or diversify their operations. Pakistan’s present share of the world textile and clothing market is only 2%. The keys to survival and prosperity in the apparel and home textiles export trade are automation, value addition and increased volume to reduce per unit overhead costs. 

We at Abbas Apparel can assist you in your expansion / diversification by providing factory layouts, information on utilities required, selections and supply of machinery, both basic and with automation, guidance on all related matters, equipment installation, after sales service, spare parts and training your personnel. Our objective is to be a one window operation for all your textile and garment machinery requirements including steel structure buildings and electrification.


Over the last 21 years, we have built up a strong service department of machine technicians and electronic engineers, most of whom have received overseas training from our Principals through our policy of continuous training of our and customers’ personnel in maintenance and applications.


Your best assurance of receiving quality, competitive prices, accurate information, proper guidance, installation, prompt and satisfactory service from us is to check from our customers in the textile and clothing trade about our reputation for straight forward dealing and loyalty to our customers. Our motto is that machinery, equipment and systems supplied by us must always be operational.